Orlando Shooting is not the Wrath of God!

I have heard of a lot of people saying that the Orlando attacks were the wrath of God coming down onto the homosexuals because they were sinning against God, that this was the same as the wrath that came down upon Sodom and Gomorrah; for this I simply say two word – hockey pucks.
When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, everyone KNEW it was God’s judgment that befell the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah; the heavens opened and fire and brimstone fell upon the cities and totally devastated them. If God had sent His wrath onto the Orlando bar, all of the inhabitants in the bar, and the bar itself, would be gone; there would be no question on whether this was the wrath of God or not.
So you might ask what this was if it was not the wrath of God; very simple, it was the act of the devil. The man who did this was acting out to please his ‘god’, a god that demands all non-believers to be killed if they do not worship him; a god that leaves the selection and disbursement of his wrath to his followers; a god that does not guarantee eternal life for all who accept him; a god that demands repetitious prayer; a god that demands hatred of others; a god that welcomes sin if it is to bring him glory. What type of god would demand all of this? This ‘god’ is the prince of this world; this ‘god’ is the devil.
This man was not the devil, but he was possessed by one of his minions, he was possessed with hatred that had no bounds; but he could have been saved, he could have given his life to Christ and been reborn. When the devil took the mind of this man, he did not do it overnight; he took years to twist his mind, to build him up for this moment. The devil is a master manipulator; he will twist who he can to further his agenda.
When the devil opened fire in that bar, he not only robbed 50 people of their lives, he robbed many of their chance for eternal life; I pray and hope that those in the club asked Jesus into their lives before they perished. This was not an attack against homosexuals or the ungodly; this was an attack against humanity.
We must offer our prayers not only to the wounded and to the families, we must offer our prayers to those who let the devil into their head; we must pray for world salvation.

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